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An Egyptian without internet access.
Bill: Did you hear about the Egyptian government's unprecedented shutdown of Internet access?

Jim: E-gyptian? More like gyptian.
by beavismorpheus January 29, 2011
An Egyptian individual who does not have access to the Internet; an Egyptian individual who has been deprived of their access to the Internet and/or rights to share information freely online.
Person 1: Have you been following the revolution in Egypt?
Person 2: Yes, Hosni Mubarak shut down the entire country's Internet. What a bitter dictator!
Person 1: I guess now they're just Gyptians.
by FreedomFighterJan25 February 17, 2011
Gyptian is another term used for an Egyptian Gypsy.
I flew to Cairo the other day and there were lot's of Gyptian's wanting to buy me, I was not at all pleased! Thieving Scum :L
by H'eey'babez or H July 21, 2010

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