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To be swindled or cheated.
Used primarily in urban or inner city neighborhoods since at least the 1970's
No racial connotations were associated with usage.
"I just bought some black and white shell-toe Addidas for $100"
"What? I only paid $50 for mine, Yo! you got GYP'T.
by jdoe301 March 20, 2014
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To be without internet, mostly for reasons beyond your control, probably with some government or even higher intervention.
I'm in gypt, I'm so gypted right now, I was gypted the whole day yesterday.
by nouid January 30, 2011
To be ripped off by an Egyptian in a business transaction. This a national pass time for many Egyptians with their prey being primarily western tourists. The practice has also been known to occur in other countries at the hands of Egyptian immigrants. Being 'gypt' is often preceded by being asked for 'baksheesh' (tip). If you're being asked for 'baksheesh' before a transaction has occurred you are most likely about to be 'gypt'.
"After dealing with that local tour operator I feel completely gypt"

"I think I paid too much for that shawarma, gypt again!"
by beengypt April 20, 2009
How is Egypt called when they have no access to Information and Communications technology.
Basically it's the word Egypt without the prefix 'e' that stands for electronic.
Guy1: What do you call Egypt now that they have no internet and telecommunications?

Guy2: I dunno, what?

Guy1: Gypt.

by dashdotslash January 29, 2011

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