Top Definition
to have a piss
im just going for a gypsy's kiss
by Cara May 19, 2003
cockney rhyming slang for piss
i need to go take a gypsy
by ben curry September 24, 2003
slang for having a wee!
I could just do with a gypsys kiss
by Boothenangel September 27, 2003
The action of taking a piss but having no desire for a number 2

further known as kissing a gypsy for frequent use
#Dude 1: Dave come check this gash out by the bar!
#Dude 2: Give me 2 secs john just going for a gypsy's kiss

Dude 1: you guna be long man?
Dude 2: nana just guna give the gypsy a kiss
by Gulleykid August 29, 2008
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