A person who travels, is spiritual, and clean. There are some who are horrible, and some who are great, just like any other person. They excel is business and they believe in nature's wonders.
These people are the life of the party, they have upbeat music to make anyone's life brighter. A bit of East and a bit of West combined in these wonder and mysterious people.
Romanian, Turkish, pretty much Balkan travelers
by Loli November 25, 2003
Derogatory term for Egyptians, but most often used to mistakenly describe people of Pakistani descent. The derogatory term for Pakistani is Packi.
"Do not try to curse me Gypsy!" - Sacha Baron Cohen as BORAT.
by EvilDick October 01, 2010
1) See all above definitions EXCEPT the racial slurs.
2) Robot from MST3K with long, snakelike neck and large purple head. Has a large flashlight for an eye. Female by programming, Gypsy is responsible for SOL maintenance and making sure Servo & Crow do their chores.
"Gypsy, did you make dinner yet?"
by Nat Rator June 07, 2004
1. Phrase often used when someone is wronged is some way.

2. Someone who makes a habit out of mooching off other people.
1. Dude, I just got gypsied.

2. Hanna is such a fucking gypsy.
by Wolf55 February 13, 2004
Gypsy - The mean and scary tarot card reader who freaked out on me.
I was getting a reading because I was upset that my daughter had been abused. She asked me who did it and I told her the detective referred to the people as Gypsies only they're from Iran. She told me that there are no Gypsies in Iran. I let her know that I was just answering her question. She stood up and refused to read for me and said, "I can't believe I'm hearing this in this day and age. I'm a Gypsy and it's not a culture it's a race! Get out!" Serves me right for going to a Tarot card reader. So to me, the only gypsy I ever met is an angry, scary person with a quick temper who jumps to conclusions. She told me "all white people own slaves!"
by LyndaS September 23, 2006
Many of the modern day gypsies/travellers are in fact not poor and scummy as described in some definitions,many are in fact richer than you would ever dream and are not seen out unless in designer clothes, with the latest cars,phones and jewellery. By day perhaps wearing their working clothes but are transformed when they want to make an impression,this is when the people dont even know they are gypsies!
when you see a good looking dark skinned man or woman looking like a film star,designer clothes,sunglasses driving a convertible, think twice this is probably a modern day traveller/gypsy
by srtghfds December 05, 2005
Traditionally, from Romania gypsies have now spread to the UK and mostly speak in an annoying Irish-English dialect. Most of them steal anything they can get there hands on, con people and scam then into doing a shitty tarmac job for their drive. They live in caravans in fields and have about 50 cousins and are probably in-bred. After all they all look the same; scraggy dark hair (lots of it), which probably doesn't get cut. They wear stupid chav clothes and fake burberry. Also known as a (stupid fucking) pikey.
(Gypsy hobbles over drunkedly someones drive and knocks the door)
Random man: (opens door) Yeah?
Gypsy: (in weird irish/english/farmer accent) Are yous intrested in some tarrrrmaaacc?
Random man: (looks blank) No.
Gypsy: (Walks away wearing a flat cap covering his dark greasy hair, trampy clothes and wellies that have "been in the family for years" (yeah...) and a trampy jumper/tracksuit top covering his abnomally hairy arms)
Random man: (thinks to self) stupid fucking pikey)

Gypsy then retreats to his untaxed van filled with stolen scrap metal to sell it on to his stupid gypo friends.
by BitterAboutEverythingGrrr May 18, 2007

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