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a Gypsy is a race who really has no back round but has a bad reputation. there is some bad and there is some good. but they all live in houses and they are all civilized. and there race is going down the drain. 80% of them are christian. there is more and more gypsy men and woman going to college and getting a 9 to 5 job. and some are pastors and work for church's i should know iam a Gypsy who is in high school. but iam still in touch with my back round. they are very interesting people. most of them own there own houses. and most of them are located in heavy populated city's such as LA NY and Miami.
i dont know alot about gypsys history but i do know that they used to travel and live in camps. but sence the 60s they have all grown out of that and got there own houses.
we all drive normell cars (not carriage's)
just like any other race we have are good's and are bad's
Guy: those Gypsy's are getting modern everyday
Girl: oh yeah i know there backround is very interesting
Guy: yeah they still have there good's and bad's
Girl: yes, but every race is like that.
by gerky November 20, 2005
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A person of low class who lives in all of europe and other various places that travel a lot and in packs, usually. They will mostly come to you in busy places like around churches because they think since you are christian, or somethign to do with the church, then you will be kind enough to give them money or anyhting else for that fact. The women go around in dark rags and ask for money while the children or other female gypsies pick-pocket you. While the men usually are just laying on the side of the street. Some even come to you with signs that say to give them money. There are many different kinds of gypsies, but they are all very cool.
gypsy- do you have any money for me?
heather- o yah h.o just let me open my phany pack....here ill give you ten euro.
(gypsy looks through pack finding forty more euro)
heather- ooo ok ...
(gypsys start to crowd around the good find)
by samantha April 25, 2005
52 97
Let's clear some shit up for y'all dumbasses

A gypsy is a Nomad-wanderer, or a gypsy could also mean a free spirit, not a stripper,nor a scumbag
y'all think gypsies are scum because of rumors,and old traditions.
and y'all think gypsies are whores/sluts ect. because of gypsy rose lee, ONE PERSON.
get over it,My name is Gypsy, even on the birth certificate, so y'all can s my d!
all these fuckin haters need to get their shit straight, like a gypsy! :))
by [:GYPSY:] July 10, 2010
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A traveller who doesn't have a proper residence because:
#1: there homes were taken away,


#2:They choose to live like that.

Whoever said they are loaded, thats complete bullocks, coz if they were they would buy a house with the money.

Gypsies are cool, and aren't dirty and not all of them are Eastern Europeans.

Respect them.
Gypsies Travel around the Globe.
by Na January 10, 2004
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Literally the scum of the earth. I don't care what anyone says, a gypsy is a gypsy. Whether you're one of those inbred Irish gypsies or a Romany gypsy... A gypsy is someone who will steal from a farmer's field, sit on the produce with their sweaty brown gypsy ass for an hour, then try to sell it to you. You refuse, and they attempt to slit your throat. Cowards while alone, and dirty crazy rabid monkeys when together, they'll rob you blind, knock your face in unless you carry an anti-gypsy device. They live on the street in most of europe, and wear weird clothes. Typical drunk, child abusive people.

To the person before who said they were a working gypsy:
"Ha! Don't lie! How'd you get the job? Gypsies are too poor to afford clothes for interviews... Did you steal them, or did 5 generations of your people save to buy that shitty blazer that got you the job?"
That gypsy stole my wallet, and shoved a knife into my thigh. I wonder how he can eat with all those teeth missing...

by Serpentine June 11, 2006
172 245
(Certain ones) Good looking, clean, will shag anything with a pulse and tits, tanned (sunbed abusers), slicked back hair, car boot timberlands often dirty minded with 1 track playing (sex). Gorgeous accents- a combo of irish & english. Nice bodies due to all the boxing, horse riding and shaggin (just a few of their hobbies). Gorgeous names- not dirty scumbags as many of u think!
Mmmmm that gypsy is fiiiine!
by Li-lo July 20, 2006
23 101
If Gypsies are are all theieves then all whites people are ignorant sister fuckin, inbred flat ass having, rhytm less small dick having, racist raw faced redneck pedophiles.
Why is it that so many white men (mostly in their 30's-50's) are child molesters?
by jlogrl April 28, 2005
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