A traveller who doesn't have a proper residence because:
#1: there homes were taken away,


#2:They choose to live like that.

Whoever said they are loaded, thats complete bullocks, coz if they were they would buy a house with the money.

Gypsies are cool, and aren't dirty and not all of them are Eastern Europeans.

Respect them.
Gypsies Travel around the Globe.
by Na January 10, 2004
Bastards who hang around the local marketplace/council estates waiting for some 'Moshers' To Apear so they can start a fight for no reason other than the so called 'moshers' are different.cannot speak more than 5 words in one sentance.
'shithot yo mad cunt,easy smack dem moshas' WOW 8 FULL WORDS!
by grebo February 21, 2004
Cockney slang for "piss" (gypsies kiss)
"ere up mate, iyd love to stay n chat but im bursting for a gypsies"
by Douglas Barker May 23, 2007
Derogatory term for Egyptians, but most often used to mistakenly describe people of Pakistani descent. The derogatory term for Pakistani is Packi.
"Do not try to curse me Gypsy!" - Sacha Baron Cohen as BORAT.
by EvilDick October 01, 2010
A person who travels, is spiritual, and clean. There are some who are horrible, and some who are great, just like any other person. They excel is business and they believe in nature's wonders.
These people are the life of the party, they have upbeat music to make anyone's life brighter. A bit of East and a bit of West combined in these wonder and mysterious people.
Romanian, Turkish, pretty much Balkan travelers
by Loli November 25, 2003
1) See all above definitions EXCEPT the racial slurs.
2) Robot from MST3K with long, snakelike neck and large purple head. Has a large flashlight for an eye. Female by programming, Gypsy is responsible for SOL maintenance and making sure Servo & Crow do their chores.
"Gypsy, did you make dinner yet?"
by Nat Rator June 07, 2004
1. Phrase often used when someone is wronged is some way.

2. Someone who makes a habit out of mooching off other people.
1. Dude, I just got gypsied.

2. Hanna is such a fucking gypsy.
by Wolf55 February 13, 2004
Many of the modern day gypsies/travellers are in fact not poor and scummy as described in some definitions,many are in fact richer than you would ever dream and are not seen out unless in designer clothes, with the latest cars,phones and jewellery. By day perhaps wearing their working clothes but are transformed when they want to make an impression,this is when the people dont even know they are gypsies!
when you see a good looking dark skinned man or woman looking like a film star,designer clothes,sunglasses driving a convertible, think twice this is probably a modern day traveller/gypsy
by srtghfds December 05, 2005

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