someone who is poor and cheats on peoples sisters (but doesn't actually just thinks the sister is a crazy whore so he says that he cheated so she will dump him but she keeps on obsessing over him)
your a fucking gypsy cunt .... cunt

yeah i know u said about 10 seconds ago

fucking cunt ....
by gypsy cunt September 02, 2008
Top Definition
of Australian slanglish this word describes pretty much all aspects of a filthy person a rat scum dog or a Junkie cocksucker. Also used in aggressive and exploited conversations, humor , greetings and in Australia just normal conversation.
"Oi you gypsy CUNT!" "OI WAYNOSZ YOU! farkin'! gypsy! CUNT!" "fkn ayee walking down to the shops and guess who i see? fkn Shaneo the gypsy cunt"
by fgt11 March 30, 2015
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