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1.It's like cocaine (If cocaine was a completely harmless mineral, with no side effects whatsoever)

2.A town full rednecks, pseudo gangsters, and mexicans(the former could be considered the latter or vice-versa), and pot-heads.
Drugy1: Well hello fellow drug addict. It's sure is a beautiful in GYPSUM.

Drugy2: Indeed it is. Well speaking of GYPSUM. I have acquired a large amount of it and am currently selling it for $20. a bag.

Drugy1: You are an idiot and I want to pop a cap into you.

Drugy2: Ha,HA. You likely don't own a gun, due to the impoverished nature of your family and the struggle to make ends meat. Therefore I conclude you could not afford a gun.

Drugy1: Oh, Drugy2.
* laughing in chorus *
by Poetryininsult July 10, 2008
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