A stereo-typical term for Egyptians who overcharge you for a cab ride, lie about prices at their restaurant, ask incessantly for "baksheesh" after literally doing nothing, hound you to purchase ridiculously overpriced souvenirs, follow you around with their stupid camel in an attempt to make you ride it, engage in unsavory business practices with the explicit intention of victimizing foreigners, scam people for a living, or otherwise attempt to rip you off.

***Note: This term doesn't apply to ALL Egyptians...just the vast majority.
"So apparently a cab from Downtown costs 5 pounds. The driver told me 15. Frickin gypo."

"How many times do I have to tell you, gypo, I don't want to buy no damn papyrus!"

"Wait...let me get this straight...you want me to give you money for annoyingly following me around this exhibit and providing me with completely unsolicited and probably inaccurate descriptions of what I'm looking at? Typical gypo."

"Oh really, a soda cost 8 pounds? Well guess what, I can read Arabic and the sign clearly says 3 pounds. Didn't see that one coming, did you, gypo?"

"Hold on Mr. Gypo, let me get this straight. You actually expect me to believe that this stupid little trinket in your crappy shop once belonged to Ramsees II, and is therefore a pricless artifact, which you are willing to sell me for 50 pounds? When are you gypos gonna learn!?"

"You've been following me for 8 blocks! I didn't want to buy an perfume at block 4 and I don't want any now! You gypos may be annoying as hell, but I guess I can't help but admire your moxie!"

"Oh, I think I know this game. It's the one where you kindly approach me and ask if you can help, I ask for directions, and then you lead me to your uncle's carpet shop! I'm on to you, gypo."

"Some punk tried to con me into staying at his hotel by telling me the one I had a reservation for burnt down last week, even though I exchanged emails with the manager a day ago. These gypos are out of control."
by donttrustagypo April 25, 2010
Slang/ Nickname used for People of Egyptian Heritage or background.
Friend 1: Hey wat natio are you bro?
Newly met friend: "Im gypo cuz".
Friend 1:Whats he on about?
Friend 2: He's egyptian
Friend 3: HAHA you're egyptian?, hows the pyramids goin bro?
by BaDCunT BrAHH April 23, 2011
A derogatory term for Egyptians. Basically, the Egyptian version of disparaging racial slurs such as nigger, chinc, gook, and spic.

Pronounced "JIP-o." Can also be used as an adjective.

Gypoland, which refers to the country of Egypt, is a derivative.
Do these damn gypos not know what a line is?

These gypos may smell bad and be dumb as shit, but they make some mean koshari!

No, I don't want to come in your carpet shop. Can't you get that through your thick, gypo head?

Wow, what a rip-off. Guess I shouldn't be surprised- we are in gypoland.
by i_hate_gypos April 22, 2010
Gypsy, Basically..
*Skanks Walk Past*

Guy 1: Oofft Mayte, Check Out Them Gypo's
by RMMx February 16, 2009
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