Known as "sneakers" on the East Coast and "tennis shoes" in the south and western United States, gym shoes are used for exercising and oftentimes are worn in normal, informal settings. The term "gym shoes" is limited mostly to Chicago and the immediate area, even though it is the correct term and the rest of the country is incorrect.
Person 1: "I have my sneakers!"
Person 2: "We aren't from New York. They're called GYM SHOES."
by Subway142 January 24, 2013
Top Definition
A sandwich created in the far south side of Chicago, Ill. It constructed identically to the ubiquitous Italian beef sandwich, but substitutes tender roast beef for gyro meat. Giardiniera is used on both sandwiches
Aye jo; lemme get a gym shoe wit cheese, some fries and a red pop.
by gravity5 February 15, 2007
a shoe that you buy from footlocker, finish line, famous foot wear etc. that serves the purpose of playing ,running, fashion, and what ever else u want to wear them with. used in Detroit what!!!!! lol ;)
I got them new air1's or jordan's (gym shoes) to match my new outfit
by dime dizzle March 27, 2008
Gymshoe does not mean homey gym shoe means sneakers or shoe made of canvas having a soft rubber sole. It is also called a tennis shoe.
by shelady22000 September 25, 2003
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