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another name for a scrotum.
1. Man, my gym bag is all sweaty.
2. I'll throw my gym bag on your face.
3. Dude, that kid is a fucking gym bag.
by y0kkles April 09, 2004
13 12
Someone who is particularly smelly, and consists of a lot of unwanted personality traits. Someone who is a gym-bag is very irritating, and gets on everyone's last nerve.
You are a complete gym-bag!
by BennyBooBooBooBoo January 14, 2007
1 1
A gymbag is someone who brags excessively about their workout regimen.
I went on a date with this guy last night, but all he did was talk about weight lifting, spin class, and how many times a week he runs. What a gymbag.
by temescalien May 17, 2011
1 2