A place where lots of people can watch you jiggle in a pathetic attempt to excersize
Today my wife went to the gym to try and lose weight. All she achieved was displaying her ripples.
by Lizzieswhore September 03, 2011
The natural habitat of many variants on the species known as douche bags. Thought to be where said douche bags perform mating calls, it is actually our understanding that it is just a place to hone useless muscles to ridiculous extents.

There are two forms of gym:
The one mentioned above is referred to as "the mating grounds". The second is "the proving grounds" or for normal people, High School Gym, where adolescent douche perfect theirs acts of douche-baggery and eventually develop into the ultimate douche.
Douche 1: Man, I went to the mating grounds and saw a sweet little honey, so I rep my Biceps Curls Like no other.

Douche 2: Sick story, bro. Man I love the gym! Now let's go drink our protein shakes and fist pump all night.

Douche 1: Hell yeah! Just got to go get my gold chain and v neck, and I'm good to go!

Douche 2: Sounds good!

*bro fist*
by Autumn Tsunami November 06, 2011
A group of 3 or more Douchebags
I saw a Gym of Douchebags down at the car wash. There must've been thirteen of them hanging around, tilting their hats and checking out each others spray tans. They were easily identifiable, you could hear their unmistakable call 'SUP BRO!?
by Wyrmshadow June 22, 2011
it stands for Guan Yin Ma - a popular Buddhist figure that is well known in Asia
I would like to thanks GYM for the success of our team this year.
by jumpie January 01, 2010
Abbreviation for: Got Your Mail
mostly used in response to ygm (You Got Mail)
Peter: ygm
Paul: gym
by krassonkel May 07, 2008
A place were you use your left over hours to suppesvly "loose wieght" but all you really do is check out guys / girls and eat shit !
hey you wanna go to the gym later ?
yea sure i have nothing better to do , lets go check out some guys !
by karlitabooo October 06, 2009
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