When texting gybo is short for Gay Boy
Here is some example Text Speak
j tmbrlk = gybo
by txt frk July 27, 2006
Top Definition
Get Your Bootleg On
DJ scene for music mainly comprising of mixing instrumentals from one song against the acapella of another.
by Stephen VanDyke March 12, 2004
derogatory term used in reference to the "gypsy/bohemian" jerkface. One might observe such "gybos" in their native homeland of "Black Rock City" where some even claim to be part it's "public works department". Gybos are known to be quite smelly. They often have "dreadlocks" especially the white ones. Gybos are sometimes seen garbed in faux fur and stripes, apparently under the impression that such things match. see also "steam punk", "pirate punk" or "burner"
Look at that gybo. She smells like a bag of rotten burritos. It stings my eyes.
by Fgybos April 22, 2009
Acronym for "Get Your Boner On" that shows one's excitement for something.
Started by the kid Wicked & TWiLiGHTspoonEr on the Minnesota based Electronic music forum mnvibe.com. Originally this acronym was follow by an image of a large construction crane. There are also several variation of this acronym such as:
GMBO (Get my boner on)
GHBO (Get his/her boner on)
GOBO (Get out boners on)
GYBO cause it's Friday!
I'd GMBO to that!
by GYBO May 15, 2009
acronym for get your buzz on which is getting wasted by alcohol refered in the chickenfoot song soap on a rope "Get your soap up, and get gybo.
this thanksgiving im going to definetly get my food on and gmbo. Are you going to gybo?
by pango14762@aim.com November 26, 2009
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