A really funny word to say, used as a swear.
Ex. 1:

"You suck!"
"Go Gwarf yourself"

Ex. 2
GWARF! DAMMIT! I almost landed that!
by Bardon! November 12, 2006
Top Definition
To gobble a man's penis with vigor. Often a woman will make a "gwarf" sound when taking the whole length in at once.
She was so worked up when I whipped my dick out she immediately gwarfed it.
by Balsaroni May 03, 2003
new nation pastime: to swim down the the bottom of a swimming pool and fart, then try to bite all the bubbles before they reach the top
Let's eat fat burritos and then go gwarfing at the local pool
by Jigga Who? June 06, 2005

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