It's an old Battle term for Let's get ready to rumble.
"Let's being this outside, Gwap!"
by Tricia October 03, 2004
A Slang Term Used In Harlem Meaning Money
Yo Fam Lets Go Make This Gwap
by GotThatGwap May 13, 2005
Gwap is an ebonic word used to say money.
"Get ya gwap up hustler!"
"You know I'm gettin that gwap son."

by Mi$ta Gwap February 03, 2007
To describe money, or cash
I got so much gwap in my pocket
by D-Hood October 15, 2007
Go get that gwap nigga (Go and earn some money)
by Starstina February 19, 2009
The sound when a man's balls clap after descending stairs.
Scott: I was so high last night, when I went downstairs to get a snack I gwapped so loudly I woke up my dad.

Dad: It was impressive.
by zetapinu June 22, 2014
the greatest thing
me: yo you be look so gwap today
hannah: thanks girl, those jeans are gwapalicious!
by Taylor Beam January 08, 2012
A gwap is a gay wad ass picker. This is used to describe a person who is always a jerk to you. They are also commonly called mean or a hurtful person. If you see a gwap you should run.
He is such a gwap for calling me a naughty girl that should be spanked.
by Lotfrog October 01, 2011

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