G-ville = Glenville, the illest spot to be at and also the ghettest place in CT. G-ville fucks other places up like 3C and OG, no one can see G-ville. Once G-ville always G-ville
G-ville is mad ghettoo, G-villleeeeeeeee
by DankSauce June 14, 2007
Top Definition
Reference to the city of Gainesville, Florida.
Gville stands for gangstaville - that's how we roll!
by Carl Miller October 03, 2006
da illest college spot ever..aka home of dem Florida Gatorz...aka 2006 NCAA ballas of the year..aka 401 Place...aka Gainesville,Florida.
PowPow: A dog you been to G-Ville??
Jac: Nah, bra what dey got dere??
PowPow: Bitch, you crazy. WHAT DEY DON'T GOT DERE??
Jac: I don't kno..
PowPow: Bitches, Booze & Dat Purple Stuff over at 401 Place.
by P Rizzle Copatizzle October 04, 2006
the lovely city of greenville sc in da upstate just dont go 2 da hood especially WG unless ur hood also
Man i'm going 2 da club in G-VILLE
by tricky ricky from da city September 28, 2011
In 2006 I coined the phrase "G'Ville" for this Greenville NC area. Born and raised in the projects of NYC I noticed how many G's were here, and a lot of old G's (O.G's. original gangsters). If you know the Nicky Barne's story you know the surrounding area is where he and his family came from. Many soldiers and lieutenants of Nicky are left around in the Greenville (G'Ville) NC area, who will go unnamed here.

The real G's here do not go around like SC bragging and shooting Black on Black, trippin at clubs. They're very low key and for real and just do wha they do!

Name also given to the Greenville uptown area city proper. The area has coffee shops, dining and plenty of eclectic fashion shops reminiscent of NYC's East Village back in the late 60's heyday.
Where you originally from? I'm from The Bronx NYC, but now I live in G'Ville!
by Skycarl July 16, 2009
The town of Greenville, North Carolina where East Carolina University (ECU) is located..The ultimate party school. Home of the Pirates!!
Yo man Im goin to Gville to party wit tha ladies.
by Jdezzy December 13, 2008
slang term for town of Garyville, LA
People from gville don't play. They quit school because of recess
by chris clement April 05, 2004
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