a widely used excuse for an evening of homo-erotic activities (fighting, exposing parts of the anatomy, etc) used by males who would rather, (if it weren't so socially unacceptable to their peers) have sex with men, but are too afraid to come out of the closet.
"Erm, dear, i'm off out with the boys on a guy's night out. What? Erm, no i'm sorry, i, er, haven't seen your pantyhose..."
by loona August 20, 2003
A preferably pre-designated night out every week or more where a male needs to have a break from the insanely annoying bitchy and irrational female sex. Women do not need a girls night out, however, because they are insane and their life revolves completely around men
God my girlfriend is a pain in the ass, I really need a guys night out to degrade women and have discussions that consist of something other than clothes, accesories, and why my girlfirend hates her best friend.
by The kid October 31, 2003

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