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My understanding of the definition "guys night out" is lying to your/wife girlfriend about a trip to Las Vegas, going clubbing in your 30's with male friends, spending time at a topless swiming pool and spending lots of money on gambeling, alcohol and strip clubs. Oh~ and part of going this route of guys' night out is making sure that other friends and family members are "in on it" so esentially having them lie for the boyfriend/husband as well. Last thing, sharing a king-size bed with your BFF is also part of the guys' night out have a good time thing.
Hey honey, my friend just got great seats at a Vegas boxing event and the hotel is paying for everything (when infact there never was any boxing event)and other than that we will just have a guys' night out you have nothing to worry about, and I love you and miss you.
by why vegas July 10, 2008
A harmless activity that male friends participate in for the purpose of reinforcing friendship or simply getting together to do something positive. Such activities include, but are not limited to beer drinking, discussing business and finance, watching or playing sports, playing videogames or card games, occasionally talking about women, or watching a movie that doesn't suck.
Guy's night out is one way for a man to be free, if only for a few hours.
by true August 23, 2003
Bunch of guys getting together to:

A) Get drunk
B) Get stoned
C) Watch porn
D) All of the above
by BoB August 17, 2003
a.k.a. "Boy's night out":
1. Venturing out beyond domestic prison walls for an evening of revelry and ribaldry with the guys, free from the opressive stare and piercing searchlights of "the warden." Punishment is traditionally dealt out in proportion to the amount of fun experienced, especially past curfew.
2. Little Known Fact: Boy's night out needn't exclude all women, just irritable wives and angry girlfriends.
3. An opportunity for the male to compare drinking, gaming and ridiculing abilities agains his peers, as well as conduct live field tests of his attractiveness to the opposite sex, without interference from significant others which would cloud the results.
Sweetheart, of course you can't come, it's strictly guy's night out, remember? If YOU came along, it wouldn't be guy's night out, now would it? That's the whole point!
by GMG November 20, 2003
when a member of the male sex goes out to party with his freinds, who are also men, leaving his girlfreind or wife at home. this enables him to get really pissed, and look at other girls without getting the Death Stare
man, im sure glad we had that guys' night out... but my girlfreind sure is pissed about it...
by razor wit August 17, 2003
When a group of guys go out together sans female friends, and generally go wild.
Yeah, me and the boys went on a guys' night out to the strip club.
by Saucy August 17, 2003
When the guys go out without their girlfriends, to do guy stuff. Sounds like a gay thing, but it's not. This term is used more often by women than men.
Tell your bitch girlfriend that we're going on a guy's night out.
by MuzlFlash August 20, 2003
A typical guys (or lads) night out involves going to a pub or nightclub and drinking excessive amounts of alcohol (mainly beer/lager), shouting obsenities at members of the public, harassing members of the opposite sex and generally being obnoxious.
Come on lads! Lets have a guys night out!
by Yorik August 19, 2003