One who has sexual thoughts every second.
She's hot. Think of what is in the pants.
by Ben Mosbach August 03, 2005
A term used to describe a group of people; it doesn't refer only to a group of males. There is no ridiculous and perverse meaning to this word.
Come on guys! We're going to be late.
by Carter SN October 01, 2005
The new replacement word for "bro." The new "dude."
Not really pertaining to a certain sex.
Guy, that is so hot.

Guy, I love this!

What the hell guy!

by Genesiz December 27, 2007
Guy is the word used when a male is not quite a man but not still a boy. It can also be used to talk about a group of people of either gender.
To group of ppl- ily guys
by Krissy91 December 06, 2007
It's just the way to call people, no matter what they are guy or girl
Hey guys, you are better shut up
by Trang Nguyen March 19, 2006
n. a dick with a stupid boy attached
That guy is wretched!
by C-RADS April 17, 2005
Can be used for basically anybody. Is used when saying hello, asking someone to do something, or to tell someone to calm down.
ex: 1. "Hey guy, how's it going?"

2. "Would you be a guy and go grab me a beer?"

3. "Woah, easy there guy, you need to relax."
by red mon September 08, 2014

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