The kickass bushin ninja who seems to be somewhat overlooked now.
Come on capcom bring Guy back into more of your fighting titles!
by ZeroX January 31, 2004
A ninja that is the master of "Bushin".
by Samurai Katsu September 03, 2003
In the language of the dark side, a "guy" is anybody or any group at the depot. Usually used as the first word in a sentence and often used consecutively in a sentence to give it a more pronounced effect. sloth, dum dum and handy are examples of the guy.
"Guy, GUY, GUYYYY! Go tell the guy that the guy who sands yesterday left the guy on the liff with too much travail todays!"
by The Conehead January 24, 2005
Best Street Fighter character after Ryu. He is a ninja that lives in the present and has mastered the Bushin style. He originates from the legendary Beat-em'up game "Final Fight".
He's coming to Capcom Fighting Jam :p
by Seta_Soujiro September 04, 2004
awesome dude. ie Guy rocks my world, he is the man
Guy rocks my world, he is the man
by Guytherockingdude February 04, 2010
The coolest name in the world.

Hey man it's guy, that guy is so cool.
by Guy Dixon November 15, 2007
The most amazing person ever. The only one to keep me going through thick and thin. No matter what. He'll always be in my life.

"I don't think there's a word I've ever heard
That captures the innocence of you
And I wouldn't want one to
And no, I wouldn't want one to
It'd be like smothering a star
Or covering a work of art
Driving so fast that the view falls apart
Like I do
Without you.
But im on my way home
And I'm worn to the bone
And when my heart hits an all time low.
There's something shining through
I find the light in you"
"who? guy? he's amazing"
by HollyDollyTM October 26, 2008

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