(archaic) An word that can replace God used in exclaimatory context. Last used in the early 90's.
"Guy, it's like you weren't kidding!"

"Guy! Time to get out of here!"

"Guy. There's no way I'll finish this test in time."
by Salient Alien July 09, 2005
A slang term used to describe a 30-pack of beer cans.
It was such a awesome party, we went through 4 guys playing beer pong alone!
by Kien October 04, 2007
Some one you can share your love with unless they broke your heart! :( But if your like me then guys are really cool people that can be friends that you can share secrets with. or someone you can have sex with if you really love them.
Doug Hey gurl whats up!
Dabe nothin but lola was having sex with her boyfreind in the girls bathroom!
doug REally!!
Dabe yea!
by Madin January 17, 2005
Nothing on the world quite like em. U can hate on em for cheatin and lying, but when it cumz to u askin for dick... guess who be hatin now? On the other side...a$$holez like on guy~ should not be boyfriends to any undeserving girl ever agiiiiiiiiiin!
Guys are like toilets, all the good ones are taken, and the rest are full of shit!

Perzn1: Damn! Look @ thoze guys checking us out by the bathrooms!
Persn2: Fuck NO! They probly smell like shit!

by Cali mammi 16 October 07, 2003
This word is a cover-up word for actaully wanting to say high, as in a marijuana high. Made for the purpose of talking about marijuana high's around non-smokers.
"Dude I am soo guy right now"

"Let's go get guy"
by jeredh January 19, 2008
what i like to have sex with
I wanna suck a dick!
by Ryan Figlia July 15, 2003
slang term for a 20 bag of weed
yo, let me getta guy.
by jjizzzy January 14, 2006

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