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Girl Under You.
One of the most satisfying sexual positions!

... thanks, Lady Gaga!
I whispered, There's nothing more satisfying than being your GUY.
I get so fucking wet just thinking about being the GUY in your life.
by Real-Sexy March 31, 2014
Everyone and everything is called "guy". The middle-aged and the middle-classes, trendy politicians and wine-bar prats... all desperately seeking cool.
Hip historian: "Adolph Hitler... this guy was bad."

The complete and utter idiot: "Hey guys, like… I'm an idiot, yeah?"

Idiot student describing a harem of seals: "Wow, those guys are so cool."

British mother aping American mother: "hey, c'mon you guys... it's time for school."
by nude-bathing for all July 22, 2009
A word that can take the place of any part of a sentence and make perfectly good sense. Normally used by bros and guys, but not for guys.
I went to the guy today and guy told me I got guy from guying that guy the other night.

A horse put his guy in a guy.
by jschmidt5 April 21, 2009
1. (pronoun): A reference term to a male, similar to man, dude, or bloke.

2. (pronoun): A womanizer that is ten times cooler then you could ever hope to be, and can make love to your girlfriend and talk you out of doing what he just did, and will make love to your girlfriend, and talk you out of doing what he just did.

3. (adjective): Extremely cool, radical, amazing.
1. That guy is an alright guy.

2. Do you see Mick over there lying naked in bed with Tony's girlfriend and Darek's Mom? He is the fucking GUY!

3. Did you hear that? That guitar solo Aaron just played was fucking GUY!
by slickmick78 March 25, 2009
A complete jammy bastard. Also a synonym for douche.
"You complete fucking GUY"
by TestesFace November 05, 2008
An exclamation used by nerds to express surprise, anger, or disappointment, and which is used in lieu of words that are considered by the nerd to be profane or vulgar, e.g., God, damn, shit, fuck, etc.
Friend: "The Mariners blew the game in the ninth inning."

Nerd: "Guy!"
by von Trips August 29, 2009

1)- A Group of Male Humans

2)- Infections:
Guys are Like Infections, You get them at least once, they last a long time, they hurt & sometimes Kill you and are horrible + you need time & medication from close friends needed to get over them.
"Urgh Im So Infected From that Guy" Guys
by YOMAMAGUYS July 29, 2009