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A loving, handsome, and weird (in a good way)man with lots of talent. This amazing person can make you feel like you're in heaven. He's sweet and sexy en he's going to spend the rest of his life with this girl named Marlou.
Look at that amazing boy/man! He's probably called Guy
by Hdjsk January 07, 2014
Enemies in video games, particularly generic mooks in older (NES, SNES, Genesis, Arcade, etc.) games and when there's a lot of them.
There's too many guys on the screen and it's causing the game to lag!
You have to hop on the guys' heads to get across the pit.
I got past the pit but I got killed by one of the guys on the other side.
by infernusknight February 24, 2012
Girl Using Y-chromosome. A guy that's actually a girl in real life. Used in MMORPGs, online avatars and the like. Compare to G.I.R.L., which is a guy in real life.
Person1: You know, that dude over there is really friendly with your in-game GF, yet he's wearing all that frilly stuff? I wonder if he's gay or something.
Person2: Woah, relax, I actually know that person; that's not a dude, that's a G.U.Y. She took that character from her brother a long time ago and decided to make it her own.
by geopgeop February 28, 2011
Extremely intelligent,loves to read, has a wild imagination and is a total chick magnet. Stays up late to talk to the people they care about and speak with friends. Knows what to do with a women and has a sexual thought every 10 seconds. Will give up their time to help others who are in need. Has a way with words that wins over your heart and loves to write. They always talk to you no matter where they are and is always there to help or be a shoulder to cry on. They will help you through sickness and love you when in health. The best person you could ever dream of and more. If you have a Guy in your life you are very very lucky.
Guy is an amazing boy.
by Atra123 February 03, 2014
perverts who like football
Guys, lets go watch football and fantasize about the cheerleaders!!
by ggcc =) October 24, 2009
One individual who seeks out the thrill of life through mediums such as inordinate amounts of coffee, unusual sexual behaviors, and loving the Bobby. In essence, a "Guy" is simply that, a guy. A guy who can take a bull by the horns and wonder how many coffees that bull has consumed that day. A guy who can wake up in the morning, stare himself down in the mirror, and tell himself "This isn't God's day, it's GUY's day."
Two guys are walking in opposite directions of each other on a sidewalk about to meet. Both guys instantly say, "Hey guy, how's it going, guy?"
by Guy Guyenstein September 22, 2011
Girl Under You.
One of the most satisfying sexual positions!

... thanks, Lady Gaga!
I whispered, There's nothing more satisfying than being your GUY.
I get so fucking wet just thinking about being the GUY in your life.
by Real-Sexy March 31, 2014