1. A really good brand of potato chips.

2. Male hu-mans

3. What Cal calls people when he can't remember their name.
1. Don't forget the Guys!

2. Guys are just gurls with penises.

3. Hey guy!
by Yobastank August 11, 2004
One individual who seeks out the thrill of life through mediums such as inordinate amounts of coffee, unusual sexual behaviors, and loving the Bobby. In essence, a "Guy" is simply that, a guy. A guy who can take a bull by the horns and wonder how many coffees that bull has consumed that day. A guy who can wake up in the morning, stare himself down in the mirror, and tell himself "This isn't God's day, it's GUY's day."
Two guys are walking in opposite directions of each other on a sidewalk about to meet. Both guys instantly say, "Hey guy, how's it going, guy?"
by Guy Guyenstein September 22, 2011
"Guy" is used for people who are bros/homies. Like a compliment or agreement/disagreement.
Bro 1: I was wondering why she was so wet when I went down on her. Found out she has her period

Bro 2: what the fuck guy,what the actual fuck.

Bro1: I got this new piece (bong/pipe) it was 110$ *shows bro2*
Bro2: ahhh fucking nice guuuy.
by Finnadranklean April 24, 2016
Can be used for basically anybody. Is used when saying hello, asking someone to do something, or to tell someone to calm down.
ex: 1. "Hey guy, how's it going?"

2. "Would you be a guy and go grab me a beer?"

3. "Woah, easy there guy, you need to relax."
by red mon September 08, 2014
Enemies in video games, particularly generic mooks in older (NES, SNES, Genesis, Arcade, etc.) games and when there's a lot of them.
There's too many guys on the screen and it's causing the game to lag!
You have to hop on the guys' heads to get across the pit.
I got past the pit but I got killed by one of the guys on the other side.
by infernusknight February 24, 2012
Girl Using Y-chromosome. A guy that's actually a girl in real life. Used in MMORPGs, online avatars and the like. Compare to G.I.R.L., which is a guy in real life.
Person1: You know, that dude over there is really friendly with your in-game GF, yet he's wearing all that frilly stuff? I wonder if he's gay or something.
Person2: Woah, relax, I actually know that person; that's not a dude, that's a G.U.Y. She took that character from her brother a long time ago and decided to make it her own.
by geopgeop February 28, 2011
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