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An exceptionally fun event that typically occurs on a periodic basis (once/twice a year). It is an event joined by a group of married (or previously married) close male friends for the purposes of a weekend of unbridled joy.
The weekend includes activities normally enjoyed only by men.
Some of these activities include:
- Drinking
- Camping
- Cooking food on an open fire
- Partying by a campfire
- Frank discussions about unusual/interesting sexual events of the previous year
- The act of telling recurring jokes, recurring themes or digs on various parties in the group
- Practical jokes
- Long hikes into the wilderness
- Dangerous stunts
- Exchange of secrets the men wouldn't tell their significant other
- Tomfoolery
- Contests of manhood (lifting large objects, swim contests, etc)
- Dares (daring random women to "show me your tits!")

Often the weekend's events create incredibly vivid memories that can (and will) be discussed by this group of friends ad-nauseum (for their wives) until the next weekend event.
When is the next guys' weekend away dude?? I need a break from the wife and kids, and could use a couple days of pure joy!
by Joe Swift July 27, 2010
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