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Guys in girl pants like to show off their natural figure.
Most people think they are gay. No!! Most of the boys who do this are usually straight. Alot of teenage emo girls like guys in girl pants. Because girl jeans are usually tighter and that always make their butt look good.
girl: "wow! hurry up turn around!"
girl's friend: "why?!?"
girl: "cause look at those guys in girl pants!"
girl's friend: "holy crap that's nice..."
by A girl. September 25, 2006
No matter what look you are going for... if you are a guy and you are wearing girl pants, you are gay! Even if you are a heterosexual, you are still gay!
Dude, look at those fags! No bro, those aren't fags, those guys in girl pants are just emo. Maybe so, but they are definitely gay!
by LockJaw69 December 24, 2008
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