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The eyeliner that emo guys put on. Its also used for guys in movies as well. Girls really do find it creepy.
Oh nothing, its just guyliner.
by Thegirlwhoplayedwithbitches April 03, 2011
1 9
not for fags. for punk rockers and punk rock posers. i despise the latter.
Fag: im so gay cuz i wear eyeliner.
Me: no, fag, ur a punk rock poser if you wear eyliner.

should wear guyliner: billie joe, tre cool,
posers, and should not: that one guy from fall out boy, blink 182, fags
by punx rock August 22, 2010
4 13
eyeliner worn by guys who are normally dressed in a full-out emo or scene attire.
guys that wear eyeliner aren't always gay, which chavs and the likes seem to have a hard time understanding.
girl: omg did you see that guy that just walked by?

other girl: omg yess!!! he was wearing skinnies and guyliner!! so hott!!!
by ali astire!! July 10, 2008
28 45
Eyeliner worn by a guy. Guyliner used to be only for gays, punk rockers, or metro sexuals.
Girl 1: Did you see Ryan?!
Girl 2: He was wearing guyliner, the little weirdo.
by Double T from AZ January 04, 2008
41 60
Makeup put on by a guy taking his first steps toward becoming a tranny.
Only the most FLAAAAAAAAAAMING homosexual would wear guyliner.
by John Heinz Kerry November 18, 2005
158 487