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A cisgender, heterosexual man who fetishises lesbians. The term "guydyke" is a self proclaimed label, and is an offensive use of the word "dyke" as they have no right whatsoever to reclaim the once-slur, since they are heterosexual. They also seem to enjoy using the word "queer", which is also a slur they have no right to reclaim.

Guydykes are incredibly homophobic and transphobic, as they see lesbians as nothing more than an object to fetishize, they compare themselves to lesbian trans women which spreads false information, and they try to get themselves into LGBT spaces and call themselves "queer" for their fetish, which is dangerous when accepted as there are a large portion of guydykes who aim to sexually abuse and even attempt to rape lesbians.

The male version of guydykes are girlfags.

There is an abundance of both girlfags and guydykes patrolling the voting area of Urban Dictionary to avoid definitions like this one being published instead of their sugarcoated, bullshit-filled definitions that are already in place.
Guydyke: I watch lesbian porn and I'm so attracted to lesbians! I'm like a lesbian trans woman!

Lesbian: Uh... no. You're straight and cisgender and have a fetish for lesbians. You're not "queer", you have no right to say that word, and you're nothing like a lesbian trans woman. You're actually pretty much just like 90% of straight, cisgender men. Get over yourself.

Guydyke: Ugh, stop invalidating my identity! I can identify as whatever I WANT! God, you're so fucking QUEERPHOBIC AND SEXIST!
by HintHint June 13, 2014
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The name given to a guy that likes/wants to have relationships with lesbians
Bob-"Hey, look at that girl over there"
Bill-"oh her, she's a lesbian"
Bob-"OMFG no way, score!"
Bill-"You're such a guydyke!"
by Toootoootootoo November 30, 2009
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A man, often but not always gay, who favors the stereotypically lesbian lifestyle, i.e., Birkenstocks, sandals, long scruffy hair, recycling, vegetarian pot-lucks, child-raising, etc. as oppossed to circuit parties, gym memberships, promiscuity, and fashion etc.
Remember that show "All in the Family"? Gloria's husband, Mike, a.k.a. "Meathead" was a real *guy-dyke*.
by AJK December 19, 2003
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