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When a Jabba the Gut rolls up his gut like a Pizzahut P'zone and lets a paying patron have casual intercourse with the said "Folds."
Imagine a Titty bang but with a greasy stinky fat obese stomach rolled up like a burrito.

Usually put forward by a 2nd person by asking "Lets share a Gut Job"
by MolestingSandwich January 27, 2011
When a woman is being DPed by a penis and a hand, and the hand is masturbating the penis, that's a gutjob. Note that you need to use the 2-hole DP, not the 1-hole.
I was fucking Shelley in the ass, and her friend Carla had her hand in Shelly's pussy, jacking me off. The madam said a gutjob would be incredibly expensive, and she was right.
by madmax666 March 03, 2010
When you simultaneously finger a chick while getting a hand-job on a dance floor while also grinding her from behind
At New Years I managed to pull off a Gut Job
by Doctor-Who October 16, 2015
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