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According to Tracy Morgan, among the finest sounds heard during fellatio.
*gurkle* *gulkle* *gurkle* *GACK*
by dihydrogen monoxide February 09, 2009
29 10
The sound your cat produces when vomiting.

"Gurkle, gurkle, gurkle."

"God damn it, Whiskers is at it again. It's your turn to pick it up."

It can even be an imitation of a cat trying to puke.

"Gurkle, gurkle."

"Dad stop, I'm trying to eat."
by The real Glen Coco January 26, 2014
3 0
To defecate with dubious motives.
Dude, that cat knocked on the door for five minutes then he gurkled on my fucking bookshelf
by catgurkler April 25, 2011
4 5
the onomatopoeic term for the sound of a vagina becoming wet with anticipation.
"I can't wait for my hot date with Derek tonight! *gurkle*"
by Derk June 29, 2004
16 23