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a small garden gnome-like creature that also serves as an immature fruit or human.
Look at elsey...shes acting like such a gurkin!
by weezyfbaby69 February 26, 2011
To uselessly mope around. Not really contribute to anything. Not being successful on a daily basis. Leaving large trails of a mess around everywhere you go.
"Mark didn't even go to class today. He's just gurkin' around like a sloth and didn't even do the dishes."
by Lord Goochsack December 13, 2014
Something that is found funny or made you laugh.
Damn that video is gurkin!
Dude, Devon had me gurkin last night!
Haha that's gurks my life!
Lmao that gurked.
by RJYOUNGMONEY July 05, 2016
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