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A union between two often beautiful and intelligent people, who enojoy each others company and that of a bottle of smirnoff. Emphasis on intelligent and beautiful. Gurby bond is very strong, not easily broken.
AHH aren't gurby just so much fun?
yes indeed, gurby rules!
by bunny ears February 27, 2005
The annoying word used by the Papillion-Lavista Drama Department. It means absolutely nothing but can be used in either a positive or negative context. It pretty much means "im going to annoy the hell out of you by using this word and be a complete utter bitch".
Postive: Lauren! She is go gurbies!!! I love her!!!

Negitive: Oh. Mr. W. He is so gurbies! i can't stand it!
by emx0hdangx3 February 04, 2011
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