A small, white colored live-bearing dog, native to Melbourne and adjacent suburbs. Usually, hyperactive and is closely related to the terrier family.

Occasionally female guppies may behave aggressively towards the televison, engaging in fin-nipping and other bullying behaviour. Guppies live in complex social networks, choosing humans as there preferred social partners instead of their canine friends.

Guppies also have fish like attricbutes, which makes them unique and attractive to look at.
"Oh my god your dog is so cute, what breed is she?"
"She is a maltese terrier"
"She is very much a guppy dog, she is so flippant"
#fish #dog #guppy #maltese #terrier
by Lilly Sait January 31, 2008
One who breeds a lot. Can apply to a male that has sex a lot or a female that has a lot of offspring. Comes from the fact that male guppies have nothing but sex on their mind and female guppies have lots of children.
Dude, you're such a guppy! You got the whole school pregnant!
by Amerikkka is a police state February 27, 2005
1. excited
2. happy
3. joyful
4. cheerful
5. really really hyper because of something excited or ahppy going on.
Wow! Your so guppy, I guess you won!
#excited #happy #joyful #cheerful #ecstatic
by Steveroni August 24, 2007
Male members of a Pakistani discussion board Gupshup. The board is also known as Paklinks, and is serving from last 13 years.
The female members are refered as Guppans.
Most of the guppies are flooders and spammers.
#guppies #guppans #guppy #guppan #gupshup
by Xenophanez January 10, 2009
A small, usually unintentional shower of spittle that jumps out of one's mouth directly from the salival ducts beneath the tongue.

The ability to guppy on command can be achieved through practice, by rolling the tip of one's tongue toward the back of one's mouth. In popular usage during the nineties, especially among teenage boys.
My teacher Ms Hoover starting yelling at me not to chew gum in class, and when I went to take it out of my mouth I accidently guppied in her eye.
by menwhowontsmile July 19, 2004
a dissfunctional bloke who minces around wanting 2 get laid
and cant hold a conversation together without getting confussed.
" mate your such a guppy on times"
#mincer #laid #bloke #dissfunctional #dumb ass
by roxyanna September 22, 2006
Someone who is in a overly good, romantic, and/or loving mood. love
You're being so guppy today babe.
by ASHE March 16, 2005
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