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for when a girl makes the face of a fish and blows you.
dude, she totally gave me a guppy last night!
by jdksaflajkdsf September 06, 2010
18 25
a man who's manhood is small and lifeless like a fish out of water when it is time to preform.
I took him home, but he was a total guppy!
by giant tiger shark July 18, 2010
16 23
1. 19-22 year olds that THINK they know everything and like to tell you.

2. just out of school and into the blue-collar work force probie

3. making stupid remarks that have no bearing on the conversation and was not part of the original conversation.

4. somebody that has no work smarts, always needs help or shown how to do something, AGAIN AND AGAIN.
1. during a written test walks out saying " that only took me three minutes"

2. "pick up a broom guppy"

3. two guys are talking about local fishing spots, butts-in saying that his mom made fish cakes for supper last night.

4. "For the fifth time, this is how....stupid Guppy"

" Your a little fish swimming in a big pond best stay in the shallow end or you might be someones snack "
by jackal742 April 13, 2008
15 22
The sexual act of bringing your manhood close to a girls face so she tries to mouth it, but you pull away at the last second leaving her with a guppy mouth. Repeat as necessary.
I made that chick a guppy last night, she got pissed and left but the look on her face was priceless.
by stugy November 04, 2009
2 11
n. Any female minor between the ages of 13 and 17, regularly seen at college parties. Guppies are known for their extreme social awkwardness and pathetic cries for acceptance.
Last night Jordy brought his guppy to the party.

She followed him around like a little puppy all night. hahahhahaha
by mangomargo October 27, 2009
16 25
The act of being the "bitch" in your group of friends. The friend that will do anything you tell her to.
Person 1: I just told christine to go move my car and she did.
Person 2: Haha she pulled a guppy
by Christine Oppenheim May 25, 2009
1 11
a playful nickname for someone who is being mean.
"You're such a guppy!"
by ThatHoScotty May 10, 2009
0 10