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ladies under carriage.
"i can smell your gunty from here"
by marco November 16, 2003
A fat chic, or a chic with a GUNT/FUPA, acting all cunty.
I was trolling The Lodge on a Fat Friday night at ran into some fatties drinking pink fish bowls. I stirred up a conversation with them and they were very rude and kept laughing and spilling their drink. They wanted me to show them my underwear; I refused. They were acting very GUNTY.
by FILTH78 February 12, 2011
Mens underwear

boxer briefs
I need more gunties - mine are all dirty.
by Aces and Eights February 11, 2007
Miscellaneous objects, collected together.
The desk drawer was filled with gunty: letters, paperclips, stamps, rusted keys and unwrapped hard candies.
by Jack Tarr January 02, 2006
Of or pertaining to the Gunt.
Did you notice every bitch at that bar was gunty. I couldn't stand it.
by Ray Fecal August 14, 2004
ghetto, crappy, pathetic
"Man, your '85 Yugo is gunty!"
by Your Mom December 03, 2003