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Mens underwear

boxer briefs
I need more gunties - mine are all dirty.
by Aces and Eights February 11, 2007
12 5
Miscellaneous objects, collected together.
The desk drawer was filled with gunty: letters, paperclips, stamps, rusted keys and unwrapped hard candies.
by Jack Tarr January 02, 2006
16 9
A fat chic, or a chic with a GUNT/FUPA, acting all cunty.
I was trolling The Lodge on a Fat Friday night at ran into some fatties drinking pink fish bowls. I stirred up a conversation with them and they were very rude and kept laughing and spilling their drink. They wanted me to show them my underwear; I refused. They were acting very GUNTY.
by FILTH78 February 12, 2011
9 3
Of or pertaining to the Gunt.
Did you notice every bitch at that bar was gunty. I couldn't stand it.
by Ray Fecal August 14, 2004
9 7
ladies under carriage.
"i can smell your gunty from here"
by marco November 16, 2003
10 14
ghetto, crappy, pathetic
"Man, your '85 Yugo is gunty!"
by Your Mom December 03, 2003
1 8