A tick that lives in the Scrotum that crawls behind the Foreskin at night time to feed on Smegma (Knob Cheese). This revolting creature is only found in Meath and Dublin (Ireland).
I had a constant itchy feeling down my Japs eye. Then i caught one of the little freaks.... it was a family of Gunnings :(
by Kenneth Martin August 29, 2006
Top Definition
It means to insult someone repeatedly (verbally-usually using things about them, yo mama jokes, etc)
Damn Joey, you was straight gunnin on his ass
by Dickiesgirl4u August 04, 2004
To masterbate. Or beat your meat. Perferably to a porn dvd or magazine. Prisoners are pro's to Gunning
That niga in there gunning that hoe down.
by starrrr December 13, 2007
When you are smashing out a task or performing to a high standard. Originates from kitchens where chefs are working to a high standard, quickly and efficiently turning out covers.
Rob: Mate i'm gunning on pasta

Harry: Yeah mate - tastes awesome
by BobbyDavro September 22, 2012
A very stimulating activity of discontinuously throttling a (preferably) powerful motorcycle to produce an imaginable sensation of impending momentum as the drive chain repeatedly goes into and comes out of slack while the motorcycle hurls itself down a (preferably) steep road.
Adam: Tomorrow's all about shedding the inhibitions of 98 horses! Gunning!

Nitin: Sounds lame unless you're talking naked bikes or supermotards.
by NiteDoosh April 30, 2011
prison term for jacking off
When Keyshawn saw the white female guard approaching he began gunning furiously .
by cosMICjester November 14, 2015
giving head; sucking dick
the girl from 4th street was gunning that nigga in the alley
by bop215 September 15, 2015
Mercilessly revving an internal combustion engine beyond it's sensible limits. (Australian)
No wonder the block disintegrated, he was in second to get past that truck, and then somehow dropped it in reverse, and he was GUNNING the shit out of it at the time.
by Alex From Oz October 04, 2007
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