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female version of a (gunda) - ghetto girl, thugette.

"oh my daze that girl is a propa gundi!"
by rumie May 12, 2006
The area between your balls and taint.
Chase: "Tickle my gundis."
Jeron: "Gladly."
by chasemm April 03, 2011
Indian word meaning DIRTY
Gundi Kuti haraam zaddah
by Vectraaa April 03, 2008
Ice: Crystal Methamphetamine

Skittles spelt backwards, the time in a boys life around 15 - 16 yrs old where he grabs his arms and does this... arrghnnaaannnaaannnnaaagrhhhnanaaanaa
gundis is produced

Patto: licks sides of mouth in an erratic manner creating a tornado like action with the sheer speed of his tongue
by Hecktos Fallangos December 21, 2013

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