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Gundarks are strong elephant-sized predators which appear to be found on several worlds throughout the galaxy. The hide is tough and pinkish-orange, with a distinctive warty crest running the length of the long neck and around the mouth and eyes. The head is hammer-shaped and flat, with the eyes on the extremes to either side. This arrangement provides excellent binocular vision and spatial judgement used to aim the enormous muscular tongue, which thrusts from the rounded mouth to lengths of over five metres, ensnaring and constricting prey. In addition to raw strength, the tongue seems to bear suckers and what looks like a sticky excretion. It is said that once a gundark latches its tongue onto something, it never lets go.

Princess Leia and C-3PO were unlucky to meet a pair of voracious gundarks on an uncharted jungle planet during the search for a new base to replace the Hoth facilities.

(lifted from zoology)

Han Solo: "You look like you could pull the ears off a gundark!"
by d_art November 11, 2005
Just a general scrub. A fagbag, nub, boner, queerbait, etc. Just somebody who's bad at life as a whole.
Did that kid just take a snapchat of his credit card? What a fucking gundark.
by tslizzard July 20, 2014
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