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Alright, the way I see it, this country really doesn't need too much gun control these days.
But I'm tired of liberals and conservatives bitching about it. See Liberals want everyone to beleive that all conservatives are just a bunch killers who want anyone to be able to own a gun, including little kids and criminals which is NOT TRUE! And Conservatives try to make people beleive that all Liberals are a bunch of constitution-hating, nazi-esque fascists that want to take away not just are 2nd amendment rights, but all of our rights guarenteed by the Bill Of Rights, which is NOT TRUE! Now i and most other people would agree that we should have a law that doesn't take away 2nd amendment rights from law-abiding citizens, but at the same time makes it near impossible for a criminal to get their hands on a gun.
Before conservatives start complaining about liberal agenda, and before liberals start complaining about Conservative Hate Culture, they should take the time out to see that most people are quite neutral when it comes to topics like gun control, or abortion, and most other controversial topics.
by Nathan575 July 17, 2008
hitting what you are aiming for
Man 1: Why do you have a gun?
Man 2: Its better to have it and not need it than to not have it and need it.
Man 1: You make no sense.
Man 2: You suck *gun shots*
Man 1: You shot me!
Man 2: and i hit you wear i wanted to
Man 3: now thats what i call gun control
by conservative joe June 06, 2005
The Best idea America never passed. Common sense legislation that has repeatedly been blocked by the terrorist organization known as the NRA (National Rifle Association), a group much worse tha their sister group, the IRA (Irish Republican Army). Simply put, Gun control is the idea that psychopaths, neo-nazis, and other quote "american boy" groups shouldn't be allowed possesion of weapons like Ausalt Rifles, Flamethrowers, RPGs, Grenades, Sub-machine guns, Mini-guns, Sniper Rifles, high capacity magazines, and other weapons that would only make sense as the possesions of someone intent on mass murder or the establishment of a para-millitary force, like the NRA and IRA. Unfortunatly, these terrorists have managed to worm their way into the American government by convincing politicians that if they vote for gun control they'll be booted out of office. This is also one of the reasons that America is a laughing stock abroad, due to our lagging mental capacity in seeing that mass shootings couldn't happen without massive access to weapons, and our obsesion with the idea that everyone is going to drag an AK-47 and full boy armor around everywhere they go, and that his behavior is in some way normal. Yes, people kill people, but gun's help them do it.
No significant examples of gun control due to the actions of the NRA, but here are some things it could have helped prevent:




by devalyn14 August 28, 2012
Gun control is an idea constantly rejected by almost all republicans. They claim that they need to exercise their right to bear arms, because this apparently makes them and their country safer. This is simply bullshit.

Because the United States has about five times the suicides and five times the homicides related to firearms as other first world countries. No, that's not a a body count based on population, it's a percentage.

Basically, the fact that over a third of you have guns and practically no restrictions on them makes your country a hell of a scary place, for a developed nation. So, go ahead republicans, vote this down. But the truth stands!
Republican bullshit about gun laws causing violence is exactly that, bullshit. Go look up some information for yourself, you redneck idiots, and you will see that you are wrong.

Written by an unbiased Canadian who actually did some research on the subject of gun control in the US and world.
by DuncanD June 01, 2011
1. The generic term for the overarching set of laws in a given locality setting limits and/or restrictions on individual gun ownership.

2. The NRA's pet cause, and the reason most toothless rural inbreds hate liberals in addition to their tolerance of gays and belief in science.

3. A cornerstone of progressive liberal social policy, ostensibly to reduce violent gun crimes. Unfortunately founded on the premises that inanimate objects bear responsibility for the actions of the people who obtain and use them, and that criminals would simply just obey laws forbidding them to own guns.
In European countries with strict gun control, both the assault and homicide rate from gun related violence is significantly lower than countries with more relaxed policies.

"Liberals want to take your guns away so terrorists can attack you in your homes and churches without you being able to fight back."

Liberals want gun buyers to be checked against a terrorist watch list. The NRA opposes this proposal.
by Elias Creed May 10, 2007
Gun Control refers to laws that LIMIT possession of firearms and how they are used!
by bobhope1cvb2 October 05, 2003
A political issue dividing the United States for which there are two main stances.

Pro Control Stance: A necessity in a country in which the Vice President manages to shoot someone in the face, "on accident."

Anti Control Stance: Owning a gun is great way to keep overbearing government and thiefs out of your home. Unfortunately, this is entirely useless in a country in which the government has weapons far beyond the scope of any law abiding citizen.

Philosophy behind the argument: Some people argue that this could be a "hands-off" issue for our politicians. That is, people who want guns can have them, people who don't can not own one. However, the armed will always have superior influence over the peaceful. Naturally, everyone must have the ability to defend themselves equally within the law. This is why we have law enforcement officials and courts. Armed citizenship undermines legal procedure. So, the decision boils down to vigilante justice or structured justice. One is quicker yet more dangerous, one is slower yet controllable.

Solution: Take the government's weapons and give them to the citizens. That way every private citizen has the ability to bomb the crap out of people they don't like. It's the American way.
Dick Cheney doesn't favor Gun Control because then he couldn't shoot his friends in the face.
by Smarter than you. June 18, 2006