Limiting access to firearms or outright banning firearms is an extremely foolish idea. I understand that such acts are intended to prevent violent crimes, but they do not. Such acts only limits a law-abiding citizen's ability to protect himself, his family, and his property. A criminal, WHO INTENDS TO BREAK THE LAW ANYWAY, will not have any compunction about illegally obtaining firearms or obtaining illegal firearms.

Keep in mind that when the second amendment refers to "a well-regulated militia" it means "a group of citizens formed to defend its community" not "the United States military." This is confirmed by the fact that the second part of the second amendment begins "the right of the people..." not "the right of the military!"

Furthermore, Federal gun control laws are inherently unconstitutional because they violate a state's rights. Remember the Tenth Amendment? The Federal government does not!
All citizens should be allowed easy access to firearms. Furthermore, every state in the U.S.A. should pass "shoot the burglar" laws. Would you break into someone's house if you knew there was a good possibility the owner would shoot you? i wouldn't!

Of course, I will not attempt to argue with you gun control advocates who disagree with the facts. Your disregard for reason and factual information is enough of an argument against you. While you cannot help forming an opinion, that does not mean your opinion is right.
by Terra Imperator May 26, 2004
Gun control is a violation of our second amendment and our freedom.
Without guns we have no way of protecting our other rights.
by Tony November 03, 2003
A major violation of the 2nd Amendment.

Also a very controversial topic.

And stupid as hell too. The whole premise of gun control is to end violence by making sure no one has guns. Well, that won't work, because then there's always going to be that one sick individual who's got a veritable armory in his basement of every gun imaginable. Now imagine that psychopath attacking the unsuspecting, and sadly, disarmed, public. Quite hypocritical if you ask me. When there's a terrorist running loose, I'd like my Winchester 1300 20-gauge as close as possible so if I see the fucker I can blast his ass to hell.

Also upheld by Animal Rights Activists such as PETA. I think this is because they think it's somehow wrong that we hunt animals. I don't know about that, but I do know there's something wrong with their brains.
let's outlaw guns and watch the terrorists kill us all, but hey, at least Bambi isn't getting shot anymore...
by Demon Phoenix 1337 September 24, 2004
1.A way for the American goverment to start taking away our basic rights.
2. A trick to take away Americans basic rights by making it seem as if were safer, but in reality were only in danger
More than 50% of all crimes in England are with guns. They have gun control. The chinnese people cant stand up for their rights becuse they dont have rights, such as the right to bear arms.
by That One Girl November 24, 2003
Feminists, who don't know about real guns. All they see is "Boy, 17 killed by gun", so they seek to ban every legal gun on the planet. This act is to punish the legal users of guns, while the criminals go unchecked and buy more illegal guns every year
Those bitches are supporting gun control
by Anonymous May 01, 2003
A misguided and foolish attempt to reduce crime statistics by limiting the numbers of or types of guns that citizens are allowed to own. The concept is fundamentally flawed because gun-related crimes are already illegal, therefore criminals could not be expected to comply with new gun laws when they don't comply with existing ones. Only law-abiding citizens could reasonably be expected to comply, which would not lower crime statistics, and would leave them defenseless against armed criminals.
It looks like gun control just backfired on me!! I just got robbed at the ATM by a guy who put a gun in my face. I used to carry a gun, but the government took it away after the gun ban was passed. Sadly now, the well-armed robbers all know we are easy prey and a great resource for quick cash.
by whiteshark357 September 07, 2009

gun control was first introduced in America by the Ku Klux Klan as a way to prevent recently freed black slaves from owning a gun

Hitler banned the Jews from owning guns etc.
RESIST THIS SHIT with ALL your might!
by Gun control is racist and evil September 10, 2004
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