The Best idea America never passed. Common sense legislation that has repeatedly been blocked by the terrorist organization known as the NRA (National Rifle Association), a group much worse tha their sister group, the IRA (Irish Republican Army). Simply put, Gun control is the idea that psychopaths, neo-nazis, and other quote "american boy" groups shouldn't be allowed possesion of weapons like Ausalt Rifles, Flamethrowers, RPGs, Grenades, Sub-machine guns, Mini-guns, Sniper Rifles, high capacity magazines, and other weapons that would only make sense as the possesions of someone intent on mass murder or the establishment of a para-millitary force, like the NRA and IRA. Unfortunatly, these terrorists have managed to worm their way into the American government by convincing politicians that if they vote for gun control they'll be booted out of office. This is also one of the reasons that America is a laughing stock abroad, due to our lagging mental capacity in seeing that mass shootings couldn't happen without massive access to weapons, and our obsesion with the idea that everyone is going to drag an AK-47 and full boy armor around everywhere they go, and that his behavior is in some way normal. Yes, people kill people, but gun's help them do it.
No significant examples of gun control due to the actions of the NRA, but here are some things it could have helped prevent:




by devalyn14 August 28, 2012
Top Definition
Holding a gun in a way that your shots are more accurate.
"THAT's gun control! None of that anti-gun crap!"
by Dave May 23, 2004
1. An isidious plan by some who feel that the gun is to blame for crimes commited by the criminal as a basis to take away firearms from law-abiding citizens.

2. Hitting what you're aiming at.

3. To use both hands while firing.
Gun control isn't about guns, it's about control.
by tradesman March 31, 2003
Limiting access to firearms or outright banning firearms is an extremely foolish idea. I understand that such acts are intended to prevent violent crimes, but they do not. Such acts only limits a law-abiding citizen's ability to protect himself, his family, and his property. A criminal, WHO INTENDS TO BREAK THE LAW ANYWAY, will not have any compunction about illegally obtaining firearms or obtaining illegal firearms.

Keep in mind that when the second amendment refers to "a well-regulated militia" it means "a group of citizens formed to defend its community" not "the United States military." This is confirmed by the fact that the second part of the second amendment begins "the right of the people..." not "the right of the military!"

Furthermore, Federal gun control laws are inherently unconstitutional because they violate a state's rights. Remember the Tenth Amendment? The Federal government does not!
All citizens should be allowed easy access to firearms. Furthermore, every state in the U.S.A. should pass "shoot the burglar" laws. Would you break into someone's house if you knew there was a good possibility the owner would shoot you? i wouldn't!

Of course, I will not attempt to argue with you gun control advocates who disagree with the facts. Your disregard for reason and factual information is enough of an argument against you. While you cannot help forming an opinion, that does not mean your opinion is right.
by Terra Imperator May 26, 2004
What this nation needs the -least.- Guns are a way to keep ourselves protected from assholes who are out to kill us for no damn reason. And then, liberals are trying to apply gun control on this great country. We've got enough weapons being illegal to own, and then they're trying to even make it illegal for a law enforcement official to carry one.
Let's show those liberals some "gun control" by controlling a gun their way.
by victor September 01, 2003
Gun control is not only unconstitutional, it's a fucking stupid idea!
Taking away guns won't reduce murders. Shit, you can kill someone with your bare hands if you really wanted him dead!
by Paul Thundergod June 27, 2003
1. A term often misunderstood as to meaning the control the appropriation, selling and accquisition of firearms.

2. Applying proper use to a firearm, as to be able to accurately accquire and dispatch hostile targets.
Some people say gun control is the only thing keeping the nation safe from crimes. I say that *MY* gun control is the only thing preventing people from committing acts of crime on me.
by Gunslave April 30, 2003
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