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A tool that is only deadly if used for its intended purpose.
"A gun is a tool, no different from a baseball bat, or a meat cleaver, or ... an alligator!"

-Homer Simpson
by JakeStar May 11, 2005
762 274
why you shouldn't mess with kids these days.
'harriet has many guns. she'll blow your head off'
by marmite. January 10, 2009
32 21
something a burglary does not want to hear being loaded while making off with your plasma tv
guns burglar
15 6
Someone who excels at something. A metaphor that translates the power and effectiveness of the weapon into a compliment. Possibly also referring to the systematic nature and accuracy of a soldier. Especially used to describe sports players.
That basketball player is a gun.
by stinkoman February 24, 2004
42 33
A new flavor of powerthirst.
Oh my god man! Have you seen the new gun flavoured powerthirst?! It's incredible!
by Shinokawori December 09, 2008
18 10
A gun, in the broadest sense, is any item that launches a projectile, such as a proton gun, a rubber band gun, a Nerf gun, and so forth.

In the narrowest sense, however, a gun is a handheld firearm, used as a weapon, a tool, or sometimes as a ceremonial showpiece.
One of the most effective ways to use a gun is to surprise one's foes by bringing said gun to any knife-fights that may have been arranged.
by BlackOpSource May 03, 2008
12 6
Sometimes also known as a very stiff and throbbing penis, that is about to open fire.
David: "I think she likes me."
Daniel: "How do you know."
David: "I stuck my gun up her."
by unsinkable February 15, 2008
16 11
A metal wand muggles use to kill each other.
While muggles have been told Black is carrying a gun.
by iamnotamudblood November 01, 2011
4 2