A word that decribes someone who owns so many paintball guns, that they are constantly selling them for mad cash, and then buying new "ho guns" for re-selling. Gun whores are very very agg...but I hate HK, so forget I said that :dodgy:
"Yo, Timebomb is a total gun whore"
by Thadius Bump March 24, 2005
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Searches for guns on the internet while he or she could be doing something else more productive, like working.
Hey, are you being a gun whore?
by smittydb April 13, 2006
A paintballer who is constantly purchasing and selling paintball guns on the internet. A gun whore usually has at least 5 paintball guns in their possesion at any given moment, but their collection changes every couple of weeks
"John, you're trading your hurricane for a buzzard, AGAIN? You are such a damn gun whore"
by aqua_scummm May 16, 2006

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