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used to explan the unexplan able motvation a marine has or devil pup.
marine: Lets kick some iraq ass OORAH

iraqy: oh god no i mean allah he is gun ho!!
by bruce wolf August 03, 2008
what the linguistically challenged mistake for "gung ho".
i was on the interweb and this guy was all talkin' about people being 'gun ho'. which is odd. because no one says that.
by heterodox October 09, 2006
A gunho is a slut with a pistol, or a skank with an automatic weapon, or a slut who packs heat on a regular basis. Not to be confused with 'gung ho'.
She ain't like regular girls, that girl's a gunho. Don't mess with her or she'll pull a gatt on yo' ass.
by bamagirl July 15, 2004
Someone that rushed in excited into something, usually war
Billy Joel - Goodnight Saigon (Quote: "We were so gun ho to lay down our lives")
by vagothcpp December 17, 2009
A war term used to describe somone who is very excited
Mark was gun ho about getting his first rifle
by Brent lough June 29, 2006