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Over the course of the past few years, people have come to consolidate words in accordance to the green movement, and stricter school rules prohibiting homophobic language. So the words "gay" and "bum" have been combined into the ultimate beat down - "gum".
(inside the school hallway)
Kid: Look at that kid wearing the rainbow shoes, what a "gum"!
(teachers pass by)
Teacher: Yes those shoes do look like a niece piece of gum.
by jewcyfruit March 31, 2009
A mixture of gin, rum, and orange juice. Tastes surprisingly good, but will make you extremely depressed and/or suicidal (from experience). The idea originated from the hit tv series Scrubs.
I had Gum last night. . . never again!
by The Gum Lord June 26, 2011
1. to mess up, to ruin

2. to talk
Don't gum it up. You don't why it does what it does.
by The Return of Light Joker June 15, 2009
a goulam in the north-east of england
omg- look at that gum picking pennies from the ground
by sirbobcheese March 24, 2009
to mess things up or mess up a situation
"she'll only gum it for us"
by ja_me_kah June 13, 2007
super adjective: to describe something really awesome/extreme, well done and worthy of a shitload of applause; being sticky to a goal; sticky situation (rare negative usage)

/Usage is intensified when in used in conjunction with Dude and Bro. Use facial expressions wisely./

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Example 1: Dude, that sick line you pulled on the river... that was pretty gum bro.

Example 2: Dude, way to stay in school and graduate in 4 years with a pretty rad degree... that was really gum bro.

Example 3: Bro, good thing you dumped that bish. She had attachment issues - she was pretty gum dude.
by Dilip Ramachandran August 15, 2007
The leading cause for the downfall of western civilization. When chewing gum, people often cant tell your emotions.
See the movie 'Man of the House' for a better example.
by kwijbo May 06, 2005