An extremely vile and artificial substance that trashy slobs blindly ingest despite a lack of knowledge as to what gum contains. But perhaps the worst thing about gum is that the most religious gum chewers are the least able to chew like people. Instead, they must force decent people to listen to the moist sound caused by disgusting amounts of saliva that gum generates. These sounds are similar to that of a cow chewing it's cud, but this analogy may be imperfect because no sound will ever be as vile as the sound made when people chew gum.
What is in gum anyway?
Gum is the most disgusting substance known to man.
by badgerman5566 May 05, 2011
any alchoholic beverage.
various types of gum are: Badcat, Chordprogression, Jade, and Notebook.
by PyT reppin' th' WaSc MoB! October 19, 2003
a desribing adjective used for unearthly or unimaginable ideas
Yo man, that 540 over the 50 foot channel was some gum shit man!
by JT Styron October 06, 2003
Codeword for a cigerette.

Mint gum= Menthol
Sugerfree gum= light
I really need some gum
by Stasha June 05, 2007
Gum is a inebriate or alcoholic. The bald boozer is dangerous as he can make u to drink like him.
beware, gum is coming
by ff December 16, 2003
A breed of ginger haired vermin, with abnormally large 'Tombstone' shaped 'K-9's, Insisors and Molars. No Caution required for this species as a slight instep reduces agility.
Jesus ! Did you see the size of his "GUMS" ?
by T-Styler April 08, 2003
Weed, Marajuhana, Pot
I want to chew some gum
a code word for chew
hey you chewing on that gum?
hey you got any gum?
by 5 brothers January 18, 2007

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