An extremely vile and artificial substance that trashy slobs blindly ingest despite a lack of knowledge as to what gum contains. But perhaps the worst thing about gum is that the most religious gum chewers are the least able to chew like people. Instead, they must force decent people to listen to the moist sound caused by disgusting amounts of saliva that gum generates. These sounds are similar to that of a cow chewing it's cud, but this analogy may be imperfect because no sound will ever be as vile as the sound made when people chew gum.
What is in gum anyway?
Gum is the most disgusting substance known to man.
#gum #chem #nasty #vile #gross
by badgerman5566 May 05, 2011
funky fresh snowboard slang for crap
jt: what kind of board is that? amy: winterstick
jt: that's gum
by amy October 06, 2003
A mixture of gin, rum, and orange juice. Tastes surprisingly good, but will make you extremely depressed and/or suicidal (from experience). The idea originated from the hit tv series Scrubs.
I had Gum last night. . . never again!
#gum #gum juice #jumatonic #gumatonic #worst drink ever #jum
by The Gum Lord June 26, 2011
Another way of saying tight, cool, sweet, awesome, etc.
Man those shoes are Gum
#gum #tight #sweet #awesome #cool
by wcs8888 January 27, 2010
disgusting, horrible, repugnant, nasty, revolting, rotten, vulgar

See also: Minging, Rank, Grim, Gross
That road-kill is Gum!

"Did you see that woman pick her nose and eat it?"
"Yeah, that's well gum"
#disgusting #horrible #repugnant #nasty #revolting
by Medward October 16, 2008
Gumby sperm...its cloudy pink...and its chewy.
Oh snap Prickle...I didnt mean to gum all in your hair.
by Walter! November 03, 2004
Genito Urinary Medicine
The clinic you visit when you realise you should have worn a condom, or just realised that dogs are for life not for fucking.
Mickey: I rid your sister last night. haha
Johnny: You'll not be laughing when everyone see's ye goin in te the GUM clinic at Altnagelvin
by GDee September 05, 2005
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