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person who will do anything for gum
omg jose, plz gimme some of your gum dude! i dont have any, and ill do anything!
me: stop being such a gum whore!
by drone248 March 09, 2008
People who ask you for gum as soon as you pull out a piece.
<Jimmy pulls out a stick of gum for himself>

Bob: Yo jimmy, give me a piece!

Jimmy: No dude get your own.

Bill: Yeah give me one too.

Jimmy: Oh my gosh you guys are a bunch of gum whores!
by E.Smith22522 November 02, 2010
when u take out a piece of gum and someone begs for a piece until u want to shoot them
mike: yo david made me give him my last piece of gum

melissa: i no he did that to me the other day

mike: hes such a gumwhore
by htonbludevil39 October 15, 2009
Someone who always has gum to get people to talk to them.
Ashton is a Gum Whore. He always offers gum to everyone to get people to talk to him and get some attention.
by Yunah Lover March 23, 2010