A term I picked up after reading the book "Cristie." The hicks in the novel referred to a downpour or tterrible rainstorm as a Gully washer.
The porch is flooded, last night was a real gully washer
by jackie May 01, 2005
Top Definition
A torrential rain that causes ditches to overflow creating flash floods on streets and roadways.
The gully washer spread so much water on the street that vehicles sprayed water high in the air as they passed by.
by Embe March 11, 2009
Chiefly Southern term for a heavy rainstorm.
They say the rain's movin' in, from the looks of it I'd say it's gonna be a real gullywasher
by Hooter Stumpfuck II February 01, 2007
When a girl pukes down your butt crack while fingering your butt hole.
Melissa had too much to drink and accidentally gave Craig a gully washer right on his couch. Ain't that some shit, fuck Craig!
by Ritz Shits February 24, 2011
When you have to go the bathroom so badly you pee a little into your clothing to relieve some of the pressure. If you're at this stage then odds are very high you're not gonna make it to the bathroom in time.
"Dude! Did you see the back of Kayla's skirt when she rushed out?"
"Hell yeah! She must have let loose a gully washer during class."
"And did you see her after she ran into the hall? She, like, just started pissing onto the floor and it was, like, wierd!"
by Wail Halls May 04, 2006
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