easily fooled, will believe what any shyster tells them or will follow any pied piper who arrives with a promise of something good.
1. ... Billy's joined the National Front
He always was a little runt
He's got his hands in the air with all the other
You've got to humanize yourself...

2. Joseph joined a fundie religious cult. He now gives them 10% of his money, spouts off about bombing abortion clinics and killing their employees, imposing their version of God on everyone else, supporting certain politicians who talk of "family values", how he thinks that a war is a "crusade", how everything has a "liberal bias", and how "satanic" everything is. He will never win at anything with this. He is a droid, a stooge, he is totally brainwashed and programmed.

Billy and Joseph are both gullible. They don't think for themselves, they don't go out and observe and explore for themselves in order to form their own opinions, they believe everything they're told.
by Starpunk April 10, 2008
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The only word that is not in the dictionary. Go look.
I swear, gullible is not there.
by TheGreekMind November 07, 2003
1. Any person who has three boobs.
2. Any person who believed the first definition.
Some one wrote gullible on that tree over there.
by The Me June 24, 2003
The term applied to both the participants in the following conversation:
Gullible Person 1: Did you know that 'gullible' isn't in the dictionary?
Gullible Person 2: Really? (Checks dictionary)
Gullible Person 2: Wow! It really isn't in the dictionary!
Gullible Person 1: Oh my God! Give me a look!
by Rock DJ December 03, 2004
easily deceived, believing the stupidest of things
Look! Gullible's written on the celing!
by Mike the Ekim May 02, 2006
IF you say the word gullible really slowly, it sounds like chicken!
Person2: Say gullible really slowly, it sounds like chicken

Person1: guh-lih-bull

Person2: hear it?

Person1: no.. guh-lih-bull

Person2: hahaha
by michael_lieberman November 09, 2005
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Gullible isn't in the dictionary!
by 00000200 March 13, 2009
A person who will believe the most unbelievable stories ever created.
"Gullible like a member of the church"
by annonymous1 May 10, 2006
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