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Mouth, throat, and stomache area, especially when you are furiously shoving food down it.
Look at the rate he is cramming that pizza down his gullet.
by Concierge March 26, 2005
69 28
a funny way to say throat
my gullet hurts! hahahha
by Jack March 12, 2005
38 32
The human version of the gizzard (see: chicken).
I'm going to rip your ass hole out through your gullet!
by daqueenacrunk July 04, 2011
6 5
The pooch or fatty area around the tummy of otherwise slim college girls who drink too much beer.
Damn yo, I thought she was fine till I saw that gullet.
by RandyPoffo July 10, 2008
30 32
The Gay Mullet. offten associated with over the top fashion photos, or David Bowie movies (would not call him gay)
This girl I'm trying to hook up with talked me into watching America's Next Top Model. Half the photos were of women in short Gullets.


Not all tranies can pull it off. He/she has a very fashionble Gullet.
by sgTRCkm June 13, 2011
3 7
Facial hair style created by shaving the face above the jawline, allowing the hair to grow on the neck.
Business up top, party down below, I'm gonna grow me a gullet!
by The_bodyhair_hoodie July 13, 2010
5 9
GIRL MULLET... Mullet on a girl.
Damn it boy, your mom has a gullet!
by jagshemash1 March 19, 2009
5 11